How Spectrum Enterprise and Cisco Meraki Helps Businesses Accelerate Digital Transformation?

As the technology is advancing, there is always pressure on the enterprise networks. They need to provide seamless connectivity to people all around the world.   

Various studies and Cisco Supplier in Dubai suggest that more than 90% of businesses worldwide altered their technology during the pandemic. Now, this is not a bad thing as there is a huge opportunity for various service providers. Amid the transformation in digitalization, even during the ceaseless modifications, businesses would make their networks more automated and digitalized. So, no doubt, their employees would have continuous operations throughout their work. 

Launch Of Managed Network Edge (MNE)

A couple of days back, Spectrum Enterprise launched its latest service. It created the MNE solution specifically for making network experiences more hassle-free and customer-friendly. 

It would do this by making the whole IT operation simpler. So, it makes the whole employee connection, application, and locations and devices easier to use. How MNE handles the complete managed solutions? 

It does through the easy means of the various procedures involved in using the comprehensive security platform of Cisco Meraki. Besides that, it includes WiFi, SD-WAN, smart camera solutions, switching, etc. 

You would be surprised to know that the MNE of the Spectrum Enterprise is created for providing many large and mid-market firms the best network connectivity. Somewhat the nationwide one that is filled with user portal and modular add-ons. 

Frankly, there are two objectives of MNE. One is to make the whole management and implementation of multiple and single LANs. The other one is to handle and implement the WANs. 

Key Component Of WAN 2.0

As per Satya Parimi, the Group VP of Product at Spectrum Enterprise, in the evolution of WAN 2.0 service, the MNE is one of the major components. The email sent by him clearly stated that Spectrum Enterprise was working with Cisco from the last year onwards to test and design the prototype services. 

Not only are there some additional features and services present. Some of them are smart cameras, network switches, and WiFi. Do you know that Spectrum Enterprise would be utilizing the various ranges of Cisco Meraki MX appliances? These would be to provide some additional devices for using the network switches and smart camera. 

Here the MNE would be provided just like a normal packaged solution. It would add that along with the UC (United Communications) options and connectivity. Well, the best part is that all of these features would be available at a monthly rate. 

Get MNE Services As And Additional Services

As per Parimi, the MNE services would be an add-on service. The 4G or LTE wireless services can be used as your normal WAN or backup one. Additionally, it can support the whole private network or Ethernet of the Spectrum Enterprise.  

Accelerated Business Growth

The last couple of months made businesses and Cisco Supplier in Dubai all over the world enter the accelerated development model. And that leads to the digital transformation, which involved the usage of cloud-related services and applications. 

 Through the MNE and Spectrum Enterprise UC services’ interlinking, there are various options for businesses to pick from redundant connections. 

Frankly, the traffic-shaping is advantageous for UC applications. It helps them in prioritizing each of the network interfaces. That would make sure that the videos and voices are ranked over the low-priority network run traffic.